By Wan Saiful Wan Jan, for Thinking Liberally, The Star, 15 March 2017 I was lucky to be introduced in 2014 to a group of Dutch expatriates living in Malaysia.  They have been volunteering at several refugee learning centres in Kuala Lumpur.  When [...]
Published by The Sun Daily on the 14th February 2017 The budget cut forced on several universities has thrust the issue of “autonomy” into the limelight again – albeit more focused on “financially autonomy”. Specifically un [...]
By Wan Saiful Wan Jan. Published in The Star Online 27 September 2016 AMONG those opposing vernacular schools, you can detect one umbrella argument that is continuously used by many parties. They say that the existence of vernacular schools is a t [...]
First published in The News On Sunday By Naveed Iftikhar , (c) 2016, The News International  (c) 2016 Some time ago, I came across a research report by Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Kuala Lumpur that mentioned a senior police offic [...]
by Tunku ‘Abidin Muhriz. First published in The Malay Mail 4 February 2016 The recent scaling down of government scholarships has renewed debate about how and why an individual’s education is funded. I was violently introduced to the i [...]
by Tamanna Patel. First published in The Edge 12 October 2015 A few weeks ago, I visited a school in a sleepy fishing village on the outskirts of Klang. I have to admit that the state of the school was shocking. I’ve visited underperforming school [...]
by Wan Saiful Wan Jan. First published in The Star 3 March 2015 We should expect challenges and we will make mistakes, which is why we should try, for example, an area within our district. MY previous article calling for school choice to be given  [...]
By Wan Saiful Wan Jan. First published in The Star on 17 February 2015 One fine morning, you go to a nearby restaurant to buy roticanai for your child. You found that the service was disappointing. When you get home, your child complains that the  [...]
By Tunku Abidin Muhriz. First published in the Borneo Post online on 19 December 2014 IDEAS’ end-of-year staff lunch took place at the Ideas Autism Centre (IAC) in Taman Bukit Templer (named after the military commander who as the penultima [...]