The Islamic party Pas recently concluded their 63rd meeting. Newsnight correspondent, Nuradilla Noorazam spoke with IDEAS CEO, Wan Saiful Wan Jan to discuss better what this means to the nation. Ibrahim Sani further contextualize the topic to see  [...]
By Tricia Yeoh In August 2015, I visited France at a time when the Syrian refugee crisis was just unfolding, causing much uncertainty and consternation. The discussions I had with academics and policy analysts then centred on the trends that seeme [...]
First published in theborneopost by Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin FOR years now, it has become the norm that when a group of senior diplomats, businesspeople or civil society activists assemble to discuss Malaysia, among the first topics of conversation w [...]
First published in Malay Mail. MARCH 10 — I was back in school for eight days across the last two weeks, sent by a company where I’m a director for a course in finance at INSEAD Singapore, in the hope that I will be a more effective board member a [...]