AUG 9 — Violent attacks by irresponsible cabbies against defenseless Uber drivers have become commonplace in Malaysia. As a frequent Uber user, I have always noticed that its drivers become very anxious when they have to pick up or drop off passen [...]
More than one million refugees crossed into Europe last year alone. The disastrous civil war in Syria,as well as ongoing military conflict and sectarian violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, among others, have resulted in a massive flow of mo [...]
The Chief Executive of the Institute for Democracy & Economic Affairs (IDEAS), Wan Saiful Wan Jan, was interviewed on BloombergTV regarding the National Security Council (NSC) Act & the overreach of Executive power it implies. If you are [...]
This article first appeared Issue 1120 of The Edge Malaysia (July 25-31): Is the private sector in the driving seat of Corporate Malaysia? Apparently not, new research by a renowned academic shows, because the government controls a significant por [...]
Friday prayers are not the time for political statements and partisan sermons. I AM deeply disappointed with the sermon prepared by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) for the recent Hari Raya. The text of the sermon, in Malay, can be [...]