IDEAS’ response to the New Economic Model proposal was featured in Astro Awani news, 20 July 2010. Bisnes Awani – 6:30pm – 58 seconds – Bahasa News– Mesti Tegas Laksana Liberalisasi – Mentioned “Institut Demokrasi dan Hal Ehwal Ekonomi (IDEA [...]
IDEAS’ public seminar on minimum wage was featured on ntv7 prime time news on 11 July 2010. NTV7 – 8:00pm – 2.31 mins – English News – Think Tank: Minimum Wage Could Reduce Job Opportunities – Interviewed Wan Saiful Wan Jan (Chief Executive  [...]
the launch of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas), a new think-tank to promote democratic ideals and rooted in the Tunku’s vision for the country. The launch was held on 8 February 2010, at Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, K [...]