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The independence and identity of Malaysia were founded upon the principles of liberty and justice. Our Rukun Negara states that this country “nurtures the ambitions of … guaranteeing a liberal approach towards her rich and varied cultural traditions” (mendukung cita-cita hendak menjamin satu cara hidup liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak). Vision 2020 also outlines these objectives and aims to create a society that is liberal and tolerant.

It is in line with this vision that IDEAS, together with its partners, has put together this special programme, the National Unity Youth Fellowship.

The National Unity Youth Fellowship is a new initiative that is aimed at producing quality leadership amongst promising young Malaysians. This programme stresses critical and strategic thinking, and will aim at providing the right set of leadership skills, combined with a theoretical framework of unity and other public policies that contribute to national unity, coupled with community engagement sessions and numerous opportunities for rich discussion amongst the fellows themselves and with invited guests, and leaders of Malaysian society from various backgrounds.


The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for discussion on pertinent issues such as national unity and nation building. These discussions will focus on past, present and future issues. Unfortunately, the discourse we see today is plagued by a lack of historical perspective and progressive vision. This has allowed various actors to alter and tilt the narratives surrounding our nation and its history at will to suit their agenda. The future leaders of Malaysia must have an accurate picture of its past and be able to dissect the contending visions of national unity. This conference ultimately hopes to give its participants new insights into the history of our constitution, the sentiments on the ground and the aspirations of present leaders for tomorrow.


1. To educate the audience and raise awareness of national unity in Malaysia.

2. To have an in-depth discussion amongst speakers and participants on national unity in three main sectors namely: racial and religious aspects, economic and social areas, and political perspectives.

3. To broaden the conversation of national unity beyond what is currently being publicly debated, focusing on solving the problem of national unity in Malaysia.

4. To discuss critically the state of national unity in the country today and how to face challenges to ultimately achieving national unity.


Members of the media, students, youth movement, young professionals and NGO community and the general public.


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