Date : 17 August 2015
Time : 8.30 pm
Venue : Ilmu Hall, PJ Community Hall
Speakers: YB Wong Chen, YB Khalid Samad, Cynthia Gabriel (C4), Wan Saiful Wan Jan (IDEAS), Maria Chin Abdullah (BERSIH) and Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh

The scandal regarding the RM 2.6 billion in PM Najib Razak’s account has caused massive uproar among Malaysians. The way the government has handled this news especially with the sudden dismissal of the Attorney General and the Deputy Prime Minister, trust in the government is at an all time low. When the MACC stated that the money is from an anonymous donor, new questions were raised. Why did it take so long to emerge since the allegations were first made on July 2nd 2015.

Join the public forum organised by PKR on 17 August, 8.30 pm at the PJ Community Hall to listen to the speakers discussing the issue.

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