Date : 18 November 2014
Time : 8 pm
Venue : Tropical Inn Hotel, Jalan Gereja 80100 Johor Bahru
Speakers : Haris Ibrahim, Thomas Fann, Dr. Mohammad Alinor Abdul Kadir; moderated by Kim Quek

Malaysia was born because our forefathers forged a bond of unity so all races can live in harmony in one country. The scenario almost half a century ago was very different compared to what Malaysia is today. Today, Malaysians are far too sensitive. The issue of race and religion has become a stronger factor when it ought not to be a factor at all. The question is, how did we become like this?

What ought to be a driving force however, is moderation, peace and harmony. Let us go back to our basic documents of agreement. Let us go back to building the foundation of our society based on the Federal Constitution, The Rukun Negara and the Malaysian Agreement 1963. Malaysia was formed on the basis of equality, secularism, guaranteed fundamental rights and a prosperous state where everybody feels at home.

These basic criteria upon which Malaysia was formed is under tremendous threat and if no citizen based effort is taken to prevent such fundamental criteria from being sidelined, Negara-Ku fears that Malaysia may evolve into an intolerant state where there is no place for peace and harmony.

If we keep idle while insensitive quarters continue propagating racism in the form of bible burning and intolerance in the form of deity pictures on mineral water bottles, it is an indication that racism, hate speech and extremism are acceptable. It is certainly not and that message must be clearly sent. We believe, our diversity is our biggest asset. We cannot let certain parties engineer a situation where one race is pitted against the other.

Negara-ku People’s Movement’s roadshow is sponsored by the Institute of Democracy & Economic Affairs (IDEAS) to cover seven different states in Malaysia in the ultimate aim of bringing back the essence of Malaysia.

The forum will also be at the other four places with the following details:
*Seremban, Negeri Sembilan :21 Nov, 2014 (Fri) at Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall, No. 96, Tingkat Atas, Jln Temiang, 70200.
*Penang: 22 Nov, 2014 (Sat), Auditorium Komtar, Aras 3, Komtar, 10000 George Town, Penang.
*Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: 25 Nov, 2014 (Tue) venue to be confirmed.
*KL: 28 Nov, 2014 (Fri), Mandarin Court Hotel Kuala Lumpur 50150 Kuala Lumpur.

For further enquiries, please contact the coordinating unit, GBM Secretariat, tel: 03 – 2272 3594 / 017 398 5606.

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