Case Studies in Private Education Event Poster

Date: Saturday 24th October 2015
Time: 9.30 am – 12.30pm
Venue: University of Nottingham KLTC, Level 2, Chulan Tower, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur
Hosts: IDEAS

We’ve spoken about school autonomy and schools having more independence to decide their own staffing, finances, pedagogy and syllabus and internal policies throughout this year. Some are for it, some think it doesn’t matter and others think it is vital for a school to provide a quality education.

IDEAS conducted some case studies on a selection of private schools, Chinese independent schools and private religious schools. What lessons did we learn from these case studies? What can be applied to government schools? And are private schools really better than government schools?

Come ask questions you may have about these private schools and share your thoughts on your children’s schools and how you think they can be improved.


Nina Adlan Disney

Private Schools – Nina has written a short paper after interviewing two private school chains that operate in Malaysia. Through her experiences in the education sector and her conversations with the management of these private schools she found four key areas in which they utilise their autonomy to provide the best education they can for their students.

Grace Lee, Associate Professor, Monash University, Malaysia

Chinese Independent Schools – Grace’s daughter goes to a Chinese Independent School and so she wrote this a case study of one school taking a looking at how one CIS operates and how the management structure is set up. Additionally, she looks at how these schools manage to fund themselves as fees are affordable and parents who compete to send their children to Chinese schools are often of the impression that these schools offer a higher quality education for their child.

Altaf Deviyati, Director of IMAN Research

Religious schools – particularly the ones provided by IKRAM have a unique model, they charge minimal fees yet are able to raise funds enough to operate and send their students to various international competitions and perform well. So, how do these schools operate?

Moderator: Dato’ Satinah Syed Salleh, Education Advisor, Khazanah Nasional

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