Modernity owes much to the secular concept of governance by periodically elected politicians and appointed bureaucrats – as agents serving the interests of the citizens, who are its principal. There is the eternal principal-agent problem however.

How do we constrain the self-interested agents of democratic government?
What are the legitimate functions of government?
Does government intervention in markets hinder competition and innovation?
What are the fundamental differences between private and public choice?

Join Professor Wolfgang Kasper (Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of New South Wales) as he delivers a lecture on “Public Choice and Prosperity”. Dr. Kasper will address all these issues and more. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Dr. Teo Wing Leong, Dr. Daniel Schoch, Dr. Carmelo Ferlito and Wan Saiful Wan Jan (moderator).

Topic: Public Choice and Prosperity
Date: 28 January 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 4.00 – 5.45pm
Venue: Main Auditorium, INTI College, Subang Jaya

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