“A new initiative to produce high calibre youth leaders championing national unity in Malaysia.”


National Youth Unity Fellowship (NUYF) is a new initiative aimed at producing quality leadership of great potential in Malaysia. This program stresses critical and strategic thinking, and aims to provide the right set of leadership skills, in combination with a theoretical framework of unity and other public policies that contribute to national unity. This will be coupled with community engagement sessions and numerous opportunities for rich discussion amongst the fellows themselves and with invited guests, including leaders of Malaysian society from various backgrounds.

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Our Fellows

Amanda Yeo Yan Yi , 22
Amanda hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Amanda is an active volunteer under the Public Relations Working Group for the United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET).

Ang Wei Chern , 26

A native of  Perlis, Ang Wei Chern  is a pharmacist at Hospital Tuanku Fauziah, Kangar.  He is degree in pharmacy currently the secretary of Sekolah Pemikir Jalanan, an organisation that aims to foster dialogue on current issues in Perlis.

Arisha Auji binti Kamarudin , 18

She is currently awaiting entrance into university. While in high school, Arisha was actively involved as a candidate at national chemistry competitions and district-level debates. Recently, her letters to editor titled”Nothing good or evil about money” was published in Malaysiakini.

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Florence Yeap  , 25

Florence was graduated from Monash University Australia  on Bachelor of Laws. She think that everyone in Malaysia is contributing in their own unique and everyone should come home to build a better future for Malaysia. She believes that change must come from the inside as well as the outside that why everyone should work together for the change.


Bernard Goh Teck Yang , 20

A graduate of SMK St. Columba, Bernard was Malaysia’s  delegate for Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative  (YSEALI) Summit in 2015. He is the  founder and president of JUST Voluntarism Society, a student organisation that provides tuition and feeding services for refugee children.  

Jordan Goh Zhu Ren , 18

A keen musician and sportsman, Jordan was a representative for Malaysia at the International Conference of Young Scientists 2015. He was also a member of the Royal Military College’s English Literary and Debating Society.

Mable Leong Pui Mun, 27

A  graduate of the University of Manchester, Mable is currently practicing at Liza Chan & Co, a local law firm, and is also a project consultant at the American Bar Association Rule  of Law Initiative. 

Mogesh Sababathy , 18

Apart from having a black-belt in taekwondo, Mogesh was also active as a debater and a prefect at school. He also currently volunteers with 1 Malaysia For Youth  (1M4U) and Volunteer Malaysia. Mogesh’s letters to editor titled” Do every act of your life as if it were your last” was just published in Malaysiakini.



Mohamad Amirul Azry bin Mohd Fahmi , 21

Amirul is currently doing his second year of studies in Administrative Science at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Negeri Sembilan. Previously, he was at Malacca Matriculation College. Mohamad Amirul was a recipient of the Silver and Bronze International Award for Young People from The Duke of    Edinburgh International Award Association.


Muhammad Azizul bin Masthor, 23

A native of Sentul, he is a student in University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in his final year, major in communications and management. He is actively involved as committee member for  Destini Kasih, a fundraiser movement that supports orphanages.

Nur Ashila Binti Abdul Malek , 24

Ashilah taking her Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics at University Putra Malaysia (UPM.) Nur Ashilah is one of the founders of a female empowerment organisation in UPM called Srikandi Putra, and a volunteer with the Nation Building School. 



English version

National Unity Youth Fellow’s Declaration

We, the National Unity Youth Fellows of 2015 shall strive to bolster national unity, which we have chosen to define as the universal recognition of the equality of all races, religions, cultures, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic classes and disabilities within our great nation, Malaysia. We long for the day when all Malaysians, regardless of creed, ethnicity and background mutually acknowledge, respect and embrace our rich historical, cultural and ideological diversity.

Reflecting on the past decade, we have seen increasing tensions between various ethnic and religious groups, the racialisation and politicisation of everyday occurrences and events, heavy-handed measures against those espousing different views and opinions, as well as growing social and economic inequality. In the face of these challenges, we pledge to commit ourselves to and espouse the following ideals and principles:

  1. Preserving and Enhancing National Unity – National unity and social cohesion are key contributing factors to the country’s democratic development, stability, and maturity. We aspire to work hand-in-hand with interested individuals, organisations, and state institutions to preserve and enhance national unity, especially at the grassroots level. 
  2. Reaffirming “Bangsa Malaysia” – We firmly believe in the promotion of a common national identity- transcending ethnic and religious identities as well as political affiliations- thatmust take root across all levels of the society. To that end, initiatives must emerge through a bottom-up approach spearheaded by the civil society as well as private individuals and organisations, free from any negative influences motivated by personal, partisan, or institutional interests.
  3. Upholding Separation of Powers – To restore public confidence and trust in the government, we believe that the three branches of government – the legislative, the judiciary, and the executive – must uphold and practise the principle of separation of powers. Each branch must be mindful of the need to exercise its powers independently and to function as checks and balances against one another.
  4. Rule of Law – We believe that the rule of law is crucial to ensure that no group of individuals or institution is above the law and that the law is applied equally to all, with neither fear nor favour.
  5. Protecting and Promoting Fundamental Liberties – We firmly believe that all fundamental rights and liberties enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia are sacrosanct. No power or institution shall arbitrarily abrogate any of those rights and even where the restrictions on such rights are warranted, those restrictions must be guided by principles of constitutionalism and the rule of law.

With these ideals and principles in mind, the National Unity Youth Fellows of 2015 pledge to promote and advance national unity in our future initiatives and activities. These shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Support in solidarity as well as materially, initiatives and movements that champion reforms in the realms of national unity, civil liberties and good governance 
  • Advocate constitutional literacy and awareness, guided by the spirit and visions of our founding fathers.
  • Promote responsible media consumption and media literacy


Bahasa Malaysia version

Deklarasi Felo Muda Perpaduan Nasional

Kami, Felo Muda Perpaduan Nasional 2015 akan terus berusaha untuk mengukuhkan perpaduan nasional, yang mana kami telah memilih untuk mendefinisikannya sebagai pengiktirafan sejagat tentang kesamarataan dalam semua bangsa, agama, budaya, seksualiti, jantina, kelas sosio ekonomi dan ketidakupayaan didalam negara kita yang tercinta, Malaysia. Kami menanti hari di mana semua rakyat Malaysia, tidak mengira kepercayaan, etnik dan latar belakang, dapat saling menghargai, menghormati dan menerima kepelbagaian sejarah, kebudayaan dan ideologi yang kita miliki. 

Mengimbau kembali dekad yang sudah, kita telah melihat ketegangan yang semakin meningkat di antara pelbagai etnik dan kumpulan agama, rentetan kejadian dan peristiwa yang dipolitikkan dan juga dikaitkan dengan perkauman, tindakan kurang bijaksana yang dikenakan kepada mereka yang mendukung pandangan dan pendapat yang berbeza, juga jurang ekonomi dan sosial yang semakin meningkat. Dalam menghadapi cabaran ini, kami berjanji akan memberikan komitmen dan mendukung idea-idea dan prinsip-prinsip seperti berikut:

  1. Mengekalkan dan Meningkatkan Perpaduan Nasional – Perpaduan nasional dan kesepaduan sosial adalah faktor utama yang menyumbang kepada perkembangan, kestabilan dan kematangan negara yang demokratik. Kami bercita-cita untuk bekerjasama dengan perseorangan, organisasi dan institutsi negeri yang berminat untuk mengekalkan dan meningkatkan perpaduan nasional, terutama di peringkat akar umbi.
  2. Memartabatkan Bangsa Malaysia – Kami sepenuhnya percaya dalam mempromosikan identiti kebangsaan yang sama, yang menjangkaui etnik dan identiti agama dan juga fahaman politik, akar usaha ini seharusnya daripada semua rakyat yang datang daripada pelbagai lapisan mansyarakat. Untuk itu, inisiatif-inisiatif ini seharusnya muncul dengan pendekatan dari bawah keatas, diterajui oleh masyarakat sivil juga organisasi swasta dan perseorangan, bebas daripada pengaruh negatif yang didorong oleh perseorangan, partisan atau institusi yang berkepentingan
  3. Mendukung pengasingan kuasa – Untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan dan keyakinan umum kepada kerajaan, kami percaya bahawa tiga cabang utama kerajaan – perundangan, kehakiman dan eksekutif – seharusnya mendukung dan melaksanakan prinsip pengasingan kuasa. Setiap cabang seharusnya sedar tentang keperluan untuk menjalankan kuasa secara bebas dan berfungsi sebagai semak dan imbang terhadap satu sama lain.
  4. Kedaulatan undang-undang – Kami percaya bahawa kedaulatan undang-undang adalah amat penting dalam memastikan tiada mana-mana individu atau institusi kebal daripada undang-undang dan juga undang-undang itu terpakai kepada semua, tanpa memihak dan takut kepada sesiapa pun.
  5. Melindungi dan menggalakkan kebebasan asasi – Kami sepenuhnya percaya bahawa hak dan kebebasan asasi yang termaktub di dalam Pelembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia boleh dipertikaikan. Tiada mana-mana kuasa dan institusi dengan sewenag-wenangnya membatalkan mana-mana hak tersebut dan dalam keadaan yang mana sekatan keatas hak tertentu adalah wajar, sekatan-sekatan itu seharusnya dipandu oleh prinsip-prinsip perlembagaan dan kedaulatan undang-undang.

Dengan cita-cita dan prinsip-prinsip ini, Felo Muda Perpaduan Nasional berjanji untuk mempromosikan dan memajukan perpaduan nasional dalam inisiatif dan aktiviti kami di masa depan. Tanpa limitasi yang tertentu, inisiatif dan aktiviti tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

  • Menyokong sebarang bentuk inisiatif dan gerakan yang menyokong reformasi dalam lingkungan perpaduan nasional, kebebasan sivil dan urus tadbir yang baik
  • Menyarankan kepentingan, kesedaran dan celik perlembagaan kepada umum, dipandu oleh semangat dan visi oleh pengasas terdahulu
  • Menganjurkan penggunaan media yang celik dan bertanggungjawab