Astro Awani 6 July 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s asset declaration system involving ministers and members of parliament should be overhauled.

Independent bodies and external auditors should be established entrusted with the process of overseeing, verifying and monitoring the asset declaration process.

Senior researcher of political economy and administration of think tank Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), Shaza Onn believes that the public confidence in the government administration can be restored following the measures.

Shaza Onn said, “we have existing systems in place but they are not very comprehensive and there is also no legal basis in some cases.

“Let’s look at the executive body for example, all the cabinet ministers would have to declare their assets to the Prime Minister but when you actually look at other places, it is done through an independent body and audited by an external body.”

Malaysia is seen to be lacking a number of factors that should be in place for the efficiency and efficacy of a good asset declaration system.

“In Malaysia, we are missing some of the factors, one of it being monitoring, public access and that’s very important in improving the perception of corruption and even the instance of corruption,” she said on Saturday after the public forum titled, ‘Is Malaysia Ready For A Liberal Political Party?’.

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