The Sun Daily 18 June 2015

PETALING JAYA: The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) is calling on the government to bring those responsible for Pembinaan PFI’s liabilities to justice and prosecute them.

Ideas chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan said that concealing RM28 billion in liabilities as “off-budget expenditure” from the annual budget audit is a serious breach of trust and distorts the real picture of the country’s financial situation.

“Having done that also indicates how much they wished to avoid being held publicly accountable for it,” he said in a statement today.

Additionally, Wan Saiful is also urging the government to come clean on the ways the debt was accrued as well as how they plan on dealing with it.

“This is important because it means the government will be forced to commit to financial management of the debt in the years to come, and any budget adjustments will affect the poor and vulnerable the most,” he said.



Clip from The Sun Daily 18 June 2015


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