Free Malaysia Today 29 May 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) has urged the Federal Government to follow the Westminster convention of funding a shadow cabinet.

In a press statement congratulating DAP for going ahead in forming its own shadow cabinet, Ideas chief Wan Saiful Jan said Putrajaya should announce a suitable allocation in the 2016 national budget.

He described DAP’s move as a “progressive step” that would ensure “a more coherent effort to make the executive accountable for its actions.”

He urged PAS and PKR to follow suit and also called for shadow cabinets at the state level.

“The country badly needs a strong and structured opposition and a shadow cabinet is key to strengthening the opposition,” Wan Saiful said.

“It is disappointing that Pakatan Rakyat has not been able to announce a united shadow cabinet. PKR and PAS both have to catch up quickly and show some maturity.

“Similarly, parties from both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional too have to follow the example set by the federal DAP in states where they are not in government. We need to see the birth of shadow cabinets there as well.”

Wan Saiful also congratulated Ideas council member Ong Kian Ming for his appointment to DAP’s cabinet.

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