Kuala Lumpur, 09 December 2014 – IDEAS commends Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak for acknowledging the need to regulate political financing in the country. As amendments to certain laws are needed to regulate political financing, the government should start the process soon before the idea is shelved again.

The government should look seriously into the recommendations on political financing made by Transparency International Malaysia and ensure that political financing should already be regulated before the 14th General Election.

The Prime Minister’s plan to impose a heavier sanction on graft should also be lauded. However, we think priority should be given to provide the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) a mandate that will enable them to investigate those who live beyond their means and to have a greater authority in investigating corrupt practices beyond gratification.

Equally important is to give more independence to the MACC to be able to hire and fire its own personnel, instead of relying on the Public Service Commission under the executive arm of government.

IDEAS is working with a number of NGOs to push for the amendment of the MACC Act and the Federal Constitution to provide the MACC with these mandates. We will continue to work on these initiatives and urge the relevant authorities to share the draft of the actual amendments to the relevant laws with the public once they are available.

The Prime Minister’s announcements have made the celebration of ​this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day ​on 9 December 2014 ​here ​more ​meaningful.


Wan Saiful Wan Jan
Chief Executive


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