30 June 2015

PRESS STATEMENT: MCA should stop being hypocrites

The Star reported today reported that the MCA has urged DAP to cut ties with PKR because PKR’s President Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Ismail had filed a ‘qazaf’ report at the Selangor Islamic Religious Department. MCA’s statement was issued by the party’s religious harmony bureau deputy chairman Ng Chok Sin. According to Ng, this action means that PKR too supports hudud.

Responding to this, Wan Saiful Wan Jan, IDEAS Chief Executive said:

“I find it disturbing that the MCA is harping on the hudud issue in such a cheap way. We need to debate this issue in a serious way, not flippantly like Ng who is supposed to be working on promoting religious harmony. Ng should have thought a bit more before saying things that could stoke religious tension for cheap political publicity.”

“MCA should find a more matured way to deal with this issue. Yes we must talk about it but let us do it as adults. Rather than making unhelpful statements like this, they should propose for a comprehensive study to be initiated by the government on hudud and its implications on religious harmony, national unity, and even the economy? There are many government universities that can be tasked with this. The MCA should be more constructive in improving religious relations in the country.”

“The MCA is behaving like political hypocrites. Have they forgotten that the syariah law in all states in Malaysia was initiated by Barisan Nasional and MCA is part of BN too? Have they forgotten that it was BN, with MCA’s participation, who took part in discussions with PAS about hudud in Kelantan? If they are that strongly against syariah law, MCA should prove that they have the guts to leave Barisan Nasional because it was BN who introduced the syariah law in all the states in Malaysia. PAS is only talking about it, but MCA has made it possible for syariah law to be implemented for decades and they seem happy to remain in the same government until today.”

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