18 June 2015


18 June 2015, Kuala Lumpur – Yesterday in parliament, UMNO MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin was reported to have burst out in parliament.  Responding to this, IDEAS Chief Executive Wan Saiful Wan Jan said:
“Datuk Bung Moktar’s attitude in parliament is embarrassing and unparliamentary.  His protest was valid but the way he protested was unbecoming of a cultured man.  I cannot believe the Speaker allowed him to continue ranting and not boot him out.  The Dewan Rakyat is an August house and it should be kept that way.  But the attitude of this UMNO MP brings shame to himself and to the house.  UMNO, and in fact all parties, should think carefully about the quality of people they put into the house if they want to see the parliament respected.  We should not see a repeat of Bung Moktar’s outburst in the Dewan Rakyat again.”

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