IDEAS President, Tunku ‘Abidin Muhriz has been taking part in roundtable discussions for BFM’s V for Voting series with Tricia Yeoh and Ahmad Fuad Rahmat, a fellow at the Islamic Renaissance Front. Please click on the link to listen to the podcast.

V for Voting: Compulsory Voting and Democracy 27 May 2012

V for Voting : Local Government, a Game Changer? 3 June 2012

V for Voting: Proportional Representations
10 June 2012

V for Voting: NGOs And The State, How Cosy Should It Be? 17 June 2012

V For Voting: Demonstrating Democracy 24 June 2012

V for Voting: Rural Folk Rule, OK 1 July 2012

V for Voting: Political Tutelage Necessary? 8 July 2012

V For Voting:What Democracy Ought To Deliver? 15 July 2012

V For Voting: Our Democratic Ideals 15 July 2012

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