“Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who is the executive director of the think-tank Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), said Azmin was the better bet to replace Anwar.

“Of the three parties in the PR, the opposition leader usually comes from PKR because PAS is seen as too Malay and DAP as too Chinese. PKR is the party in the middle.

“Like it or not, PKR needs to put forth a suitable candidate and right now the most senior and most qualified is Azmin.

“Azmin’s advantage is that he is a menteri besar and that means he has resources,” Wan Saiful told The Malaysian Insider.

He said although some claimed Azmin has weak interpersonal skills, the Hulu Klang assembly person was a good political strategist.

“The reality is PKR has no other candidate. That responsibility (of being opposition leader) has to fall on Azmin.”

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