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#NYAHKORUPSI is a nationwide campaign to stamp out corruption in Malaysia.

 We aim to:

1. Strengthen anti-corruption laws

2. Create a more effective anti-corruption body

3. Give more independence to our Public Prosecutor, the person responsible for bringing corrupt individuals to court

Read the full proposal here. For a simplified version, read our brochure.

What are our proposals for reform?

1. Increase the powers of anti-corruption officers

The MACC Act 2009 has to be amended for officers to immediately investigate public officials who live beyond their means and who abuse their powers.

> Section 23

Section 23 does not cover abuse of office, it only looks at corruption in terms of money (gratification).


> Section 36

Section 36 stops the MACC from investigating public officials who spend more than they legally earn. If someone spends millions on a bungalow when their salary is RM3000, it is not sufficient grounds for investigation.

2. Enhance transparency and promoting reports on corruption

This can be done by amending current anti-corruption laws.

> The Official Secrets Act (OSA)

The OSA does not have a clause for making documents that reveal corruption available to the public. This is crucial for the public to demand for immediate action.

> The Whistleblower Protection Act and Witness Protection Act

These acts are supposed to protect whistleblower, i.e., persons who reveal corruption cases to. For example, exposing corruption to the media will result in you losing your whistleblower status.

> Adopting Freedom of Information (FOI) and Asset Declaration Acts

FOI is crucial for the public to gain information on corruption. We also need a systematic approach to asset declaration so that we know how much wealth a public official legally has. If he/she spends more than what has been declared it should be grounds for an investigation.

3. Create the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (IACC)

> Constitutional body that is completely independent from the executive

The proposed IACC will have the power to determine anti-corruption policies including hiring and firing anti-corruption officers.


> Headed by independent commissioners
The IACC will be headed by independent commissioners who will be elected via a special process specified in the Constitution. This is key considering how the current Chief Commissioner and all his officers can be transferred at any time by the Public Service Commission.


What can I do?

Spread awareness

icon2-01Join our #NYAHKORUPSI campaign by liking and following our Facebook and Twitter page.

Talk about the reforms with friends and family.


 Speak Up!

icon4-01There’s no end to corruption unless the rakyat like yourselves speak up against it.

Use our #NYAHKORUPSI hashtag! Don’t be afraid to demand for changes for the betterment of Malaysia. 


Lobby your Member of Parliament

icon3-01Send your MP and ADUN our brochure to get them to pledge support for these reforms.


Report Corruption

icon5-01Lodge a formal complaint to the MACC for any instance of corruption.

Report online via this portal.

Download the MACC app here.

If you are a Member of Parliament, civil servant of member of an NGO, you should do the following

shakehand-01Work together

Corruption is an issue that impacts every one of us. Many of the reforms proposed here required that you work across the political divide.


icon6-01Be informed

IDEAS is more than happy to arrange for a private briefing to discuss our proposed reforms. If you are interested you can contact us shaza@ideas.org.my or call us at 03 6201 8896/8897.

icon7-01Endorse the reforms

We welcome any support for our proposals both in the public and private space as the old adage goes Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.


If you are a member of the media or columnist, you should write about the campaign and promote it. Feel free to contact us shaza@ideas.org.my for more information.

Read about our campaign here





Public Forum in Kuala Lumpur
On June 4 2016, IDEAS organized a public forum at the Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM) Clubhouse, Kuala Lumpur titled “Should the Roles of the Attorney General (AG) and the Public Prosecutor (PP) be Separated?” Read more…








Public Forum in Kuching
On August 6 2016, IDEAS organized a public forum at the Majestic Riverside Hotel, Kuching titled “The Issues and Challenges of Tackling Corruption in Malaysia”. Read more…