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This Policy Ideas evaluates the National Education Dialogue Series that have been organised by the Ministry of Education to review of our national education policy.

IDEAS attended the dialogue series in five first dialogues to observe the proceedings. We feel the Ministry has planned the series well, and, that it is also a very important part in ensuring the new education blueprint is inclusive.

However, we also find that participation has been dominated by teachers and PIBG and the remarks made have been centred on teachers’ welfare and PIBG funding.

Ministry must take measures to ensure the inclusiveness of the dialogue series is improved, especially to increase the participation of parents and private sectors. In addition, background information, like the Laporan Penilaian Sistem Pendidikan Nasional, should be made available for public.

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  • aisha 2012 Jun 18 / 03:07

    PIBG consisted of parents too. parents who are committed with their child education are usually the ones in PIBG.

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