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This paper by Dr Bakri Musa calls upon the role of the private sector in our education system to be enhanced. The paper argued that private providers of education has a lot to contribute and they can also be more effective in what they do.

Commenting on the report, Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Founding Chief Executive of IDEAS writes: “Charities, foundations, civil society organisation, and social enterprises are private entities. In this paper Dr Musa gives the example of how some of the top American private educational institutions are private but not-for-profit… There is indeed a huge amount that the private sector can do in Malaysia’s education system. We should further liberalise our education industry to allow for more private provision of education.”

Tunku ‘Abidin Muhriz, Founding President and Director of Research of IDEAS, adds: “As we zoom in on our education work this year it is marvellous to note that scholars, commentators and increasingly policymakers themselves are viewing the private sector as an essential part of education systems around the world. Still, many of the views expressed in the report will be subject to scrutiny and debate, and to that end we at IDEAS will be very glad to publish alternative views in the future as well.”

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