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By Debashis Chakraborty
Our third briefing paper argues that the private sector will have to play a key role in increasing health provision in India, given the weakness of much existing public provision.

Although the government has had the ambition of achieving Universal Health Coverage since independence in 1947, it has had very limited success. Recently, however, the government has developed a number of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to help increase healthcare for all Indians.

While there have been many successful PPPs, this paper argues that many have failed to live up to their potential as a result of mismanagement by the government partner.

In particular, the paper argues that private sector partners need to be given the freedom to plan and manage without undue political interference.

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Debashis Chakraborty is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade New Delhi.

The views expressed in the paper are the author’s own.

EMHN is a project of Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (DEAS), Malaysia.

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