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This paper calls for the Parliament of Malaysia and the public to support a motion for the government to sign the Trans­Pacific Partnership Agreement (hereafter referred to as TPPA or the agreement). The TPPA will not only bring economic benefits and serve Malaysia’s best interests as shown by the two studies commissioned by MITI, one of which estimates Malaysian gross domestic product (GDP) gains of USD23­27 billion in 2027 in a baseline scenario, an increase in economic activity which will sustain 1­2 million new jobs by 2027. Most recently, a World Bank study predicted that Malaysia’s economy would swell by 8% and exports would rise by 20% as a result of the agreement, with Malaysian exporters having an advantage over regional competitors not part of the bloc.

More importantly, the TPPA will push Malaysia to address its governance problems such as corruption and its opaque procurement system. In that way, the TPPA will complement the liberalisation and transformation programmes that Malaysia is currently undertaking and push for more economic freedom in Malaysia. This is one of the socio­political benefits of the agreement that should be considered in deciding whether or not to sign it.

The paper will begin by explaining the importance of economic freedom and how the TPPA will help improve economic freedom in the country. The paper concludes that, although there are major weaknesses in the TPPA, its net effect of improving governance outweighs the said weaknesses.

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