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This interim report is an attempt to compile the first “history” of the fight against corruption in Malaysia by providing an overview of initiatives taken by various agencies, groups and organisations over the last few decades. We are publishing this as an interim report in the hope that we can generate a debate and solicit feedback on the points that we raise. We fully appreciate that some of the issues we raise in this interim report may create disagreement among readers.

Further development of this report will require more input, assistance and advice from all parties. We wish to collate information and material on anti-corruption and the promotion of integrity from as many sources as possible. It is our hope that you can help us by sending us your inputs, criticism, and suggestions before 31 December 2012.

This interim report is organised in six chapters:
Chapter 1: The cost of corruption in Malaysia — this chapter describes the damages that can be or are being caused by corruption to Malaysia.
Chapter 2: A historical overview of efforts to combat corruption — this chapter provides an outline of legal and institutional provisions set up by the government to fight corruption in Malaysia since Independence in 1957.
Chapter 3: Examples of anti-corruption initiatives in Malaysia since 2004— this chapter describes the initiatives by the government, private sector and civil society organisations, from 2004 to 2012.
Chapter 4: Evaluation of the initiatives — this chapter critically looks at some of the initiatives discussed in the previous chapter and assesses their effectiveness.
Chapter 5: Preliminary conclusions and recommendations.
Chapter 6: Annotated bibliography — this chapter provides an annotated bibliography of selected
books and journal articles on anti-corruption and on promoting integrity, particularly in Malaysia.


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  • Azimin Daud 2012 Nov 27 / 17:04

    Saya memerlukan laporan lengkap tentang kajian ini.
    Terima kasih

  • Eric 2012 Nov 27 / 21:43

    Dear sir/madam,

    Malaysiakini today produced numerous comments to the report (or, more correctly, as how the media reported it). IDEAL should take these very seriously provided that this study seriously tried to do more but to whitewash corruption in Malaysia.

    Upon reading your report, I quickly encountered the statement:

    “We are forever indebted to both our foreign and local funders.”

    Indebted? Forever? That sort of attitude is the very foundation of corruption! These organizations funded and paid IDEAL to do this work right? Why kneel so deep? This ticked me off completely, but I will make time to read the full report some time.

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