IDEAS is funded by donations and grants by individuals and organisations from both Malaysia and abroad. To maintain our independence, we only accept unconditional funding with no strings attached. For a list of donors and amounts donated, please see our Annual Report.

To discuss about financially supporting IDEAS, please contact Wan Saiful Wan Jan via:-

Tel: +603 6201 8896


We are indebted to the following organisations for their financial support that enabled our launch in 2010:

  • Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace and Prosperity
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty
  • Greville Trust
  • International Policy Network


Our annual audit report can be downloaded below:



IDEAS Audit Report 2016





IDEAS Audit Report 2015





Audit 2014


IDEAS Audit Report 2014




Click thumbnail to download IDEAS 2013 Financial Statement

IDEAS  Audit Report 2013




Click thumbnail to download 2012 Financial StatementIDEAS Audit Report 2012



IDEAS Audit Report 2011

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