By Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Harakah, 10 Disember 2010 Saya baru pulang daripada lawatan selama sepuluh hari ke Belanda, atas jemputan Kementerian Luar di sana. Bersama saya, ada enam orang lagi yang dipilih daripada China, India, Emiriy [...]
By Wan Saiful Wan Jan, The Edge, 4 December 2010 It has been over a year since I moved back to Malaysia, after 17 years living in the United Kingdom. The decision to move back was actually quite sudden. As a result, I did not get t [...]
By Abidin Muhriz, The Sun, 12 November 2010 It is difficult not to be moved by the documentary on P Ramlee airing this month on History International. For me – and I suspect many in my generation – it is shocking to learn how our  [...]
By Abidin Muhriz, The Sun, 22 October 2010 One measure of how much you can trust a politician’s sincerity – or put another way, the extent to which he or she actually believes in things other than the pursuit of power – is to obser [...]
By Abidin Muhriz, The Sun, 15 October 2010 At the time of writing, we have more gold medals in the 2010 Commonwealth Games than countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Ugand [...]