We’re pleased to announce that IDEAS will be organising a series of masterclasses which are inspired by classical liberal philosophy on 17 October, 31 October and 14 November 2015 respectively.

Each class will be conducted by a set of experienced academics and is designed to cover a specific, pertinent topic in detail. No specialist knowledge is required and we welcome both students and working professionals.

The registration fee to attend the classes are as follows:

1 class = RM 30
2 classes = RM 55
3 classes =RM 75

Click here to register: http://bit.ly/1QcTCyj

Please email yohannan@ideas.org.my if you have further queries or require assistance in filling up the registration sheet.

Book your tickets now as seats are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Masterclass 1: Introduction to Classical Liberalism


This Masterclass is a primer and will provide a comprehensive introduction to the history, philosophical roots and modern day applications of public policies that are inspired by classical liberal ideas. This course will also expound on the virtues of social and economic liberalization and dispel the myths and fallacies that surround the voices that oppose it.


1. Dr Maszlee Malik

A senior fellow at Institute for Democratic and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and an assistant professor at the International Islamic University Malaysia. He is the primary convener of the IDEAS Masterclass series.

2. Dr Khalid Jaafar

Executive director of Institut Kajian Dasar, an organisation dedicated to cultural revivalism, the construction of civil society and the promotion of interaction between the ASEAN states and other states beyond the Southeast Asian region.

3. Dr Iqbal A Wahab

Assistant Professor of Law at International Islamic University Malaysia.

Masterclass 2: Liberalism & Education

“Education is the most powerful tool to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

In an ideal world, every child would have access to quality education and the education system would produce literate and informed citizens, who would be well prepared for adult life. For the majority of Malaysians however, the reality is far from that.

This masterclass will seek to address the problems in our current education system, which is primarily state directed and one where parents have a limited role in determining their children’s educational needs. It will also examine alternative means of organizing the education system, and the effect that this would have on student outcomes.



1. Baladevan Rangaraju

Founder and Executive Director of the India Institute, a free-market think-tank based in India, he has a decade of experience in teaching and education management.

2. Wan Saiful Wan Jan

Founder and CEO of IDEAS, a libertarian think tank dedicated to promoting solutions founded on the principles of rule of law, limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

Masterclass 3: Liberalism & Economic Development


Do government rules and regulations stifle economic development? What role can the government play in fostering stable economic growth over time?

How does the implementation of policies inspired by classical liberal values like protection of private property, limited state intervention and market freedom facilitate competition, innovation and progress?

This Masterclass will address these questions by providing a thorough and fascinating look into the history, philosophical roots, and modern day applications of the values and policies which are grounded in classical liberal ideology.


1. Dr Saumik Paul

Associate Professor at the Nottingham School of Economics, Malaysia Campus. His research focuses on development, political economy and labor.

2. Hafis Noor Shams

Founding associate of IDEAS and is currently he works for FT Confidential Research (formerly Asean Confidential), a research house under the Financial Times.

3. Tricia Yeoh

Chief Operating Officer of IDEAS, a libertarian think tank dedicated to promoting solutions founded on the principles of rule of law, limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

4. Dr Carmelo Ferlito

Senior Fellow at IDEAS and History of Economic Thought lecturer at INTI College Subang Jaya.


  • gabriella 2015 Sep 29 / 22:40

    did the participant will get the certificate for each session ?

    • admin 2015 Oct 01 / 15:26


      Yes, participants will get certificates.

  • Ain 2015 Oct 05 / 12:52

    Is it too late to apply?

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