IDEAS established its Governance Unit in 2013 which was then renamed “Political Economy and Governance” (PEG) in 2014. The unit researches and advocates in a cross-partisan and non-confrontational way for better policy-making and implementation processes, efficient allocation of government resources and for compliance of those involved in these activities with principles of good governance including the rule of law, transparency and accountability.

IDEAS believes that good governance is crucial to a country’s development, particularly in ensuring that the market works for the poor and the disadvantaged. Through the PEG Unit, we work on issues surrounding anti-corruption initiatives, government spending, management of state owned enterprises, improving democratic frameworks, and decentralization.

The unit publishes policy papers, newspaper articles and political briefings that highlight pertinent issues and propose recommendations for better governance. The unit also holds meetings and discussions throughout the year to provide a platform for us to interact with politicians, key stakeholders and policy-makers.

Currently, the unit is working on research and advocacy project to reduce cross-border trade barrier, enhance government transparency and efficiency in the management of public resources, strengthen rules-based trading system and raise the awareness of Malaysian public and government of the benefits of a more open and transparent trade and economic policies.

Please feel free to drop an email to (Sri Murniati, who heads our Governance Unit) if you would like to know more about or to be involved in our work in this area.

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